Does your community feel like a small world?

Do your community members feel connected to each other? Are they feeling they belong to your community? People renew their membership because of the relationship they have with other members. Amazing content and wonderful events aren't enough to create a valuable community. Join my masterclass and learn ways to evaluate your community, and increase your members' sense of belonging.

This is for you, if ...

you are a new (community) manager

You aren't used to working with people and focusing on relationships.

you need to strengthen your team or community

You want to better understand what is going on behind the scene

big changes happened or are planned

You are growing a lot, or merging with another team.

you want to learn about network science

You are interested in network science and how to use it to solve business challenges

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Learn a new way to evaluate your community

In the masterclass you will learn the principles of network thinking, how to interpret a network map and three key network metrics. You will not learn graph theory, the math used in network analysis, or how to run a network analysis.

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The leader

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Lost in the Woods

It looks like everyone knows what to do except for you. Managing relationships is hard. You ask yourself: - Who is the most influential person on the team? - Who is the trouble maker? - Who can I rely on? - What conflicts happened in the past? - What if I screw up?

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Discovery & Pattern Detection

You talk with your team,, learn about their aspirations, and what helps them to do their job. You observe interactions between team members, who is talking with whom and who is avoiding whom.

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Map the Team

You use your conversations to create a picture of your team. You create a network map of the team to visualize how information is distributed and where power lies.

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Engaging with key players

Your network map helped you identify key players. You talk with the most influential person to build a trusting and strong relationship. You reward and empower those who bridge silos, acknowledging their efforts. You talk with those who aren't well integrated in the team to see what they need.

What you will learn

The masterclass will introduce you to network thinking, help you understand how to read a social graph, and link patterns in the social graph and network metrics to actions within your community. We do not talk about math. No formulas, I promise.


Learn how to read a social graph, a map of interaction, and understand connection patterns


Find interaction patterns and discuss with peers what they mean


Link your actions to specific interaction patterns on a social graph

The community manager

Our awesome features
Are members' needs met?

You wonder if the community is successful? People sign up and participate a bit, but is this enough? You ask yourself: - Who is the driving force in the community? - What activities and topics are on people's mind? - What subgroups are there? - Who are the key champions or ambassadors?

Our awesome features
Collecting data and looking for patterns

You talk with community members. You look at the data. You collect data about number of posts and who replies to them.

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Map the community

You use your conversations to create a picture of the community. You create a network map of it to visualize who is interacting with whom.

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Strengthen the community

Your network map helped you identify key community members. You create an ambassador program to reward those who help you keep the community engaging.

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Your behavioral scientist at your service

Since 2014 I've been making social science more accessible. During my Ph.D. I started a blog out of frustration to be told to write in a specific academic style. I continued making science accessible throughout my Ph.D. exploring different channels for sharing scientific insights. When starting to teach social network analysis at Northwestern University (USA), thanks to my students I realized how unknown this analytical method is. With this masterclass I'm passing my knowledge to you.

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Learn at your own pace or together with peers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have technical skills?

No technical skills are required to get value from the masterclass. Please reach out to me for more information.

Will we run a social network analysis?

We will not run a social network analysis during the masterclass. The masterclass teaches the conceptual framework of network thinking.

How often is the masterclass offered?

The masterclass is offered once per month.

Can I get refund?

If you can not attend the masterclass a full refund is issued. In the future, the material will also be available online.

Is the material also available online?

At the moment, the material is not available online. You have to attend the masterclass.

Do you offer discounts?

I offer parity pricing for the crash-course on a case-by-case basis.

"They weave a web of reciprocity, of giving and taking. Through unity, survival. All flourishing is mutual."

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